Parcel Carrier Annual Rate Increase Tracker

Last Mile Experts North America has devised a spreadsheet management tool that allows shippers to simply analyze and understand the impact of the pending, parcel carrier annual rate increases. 

Parcel Rate Increases: Follow the Data!

Shippers are saying their primary issues with the parcel carriers are two-fold:

1)   Complicatedness of carrier pricing programs.

2)Measuring the impact of annual rate increases.

The largest shippers have the resources to hire costly consultants, to guide them through the complicated parcel pricing and rate increase landscape. If you are a small to medium-sized shipper, you are probably struggling to understand your parcel transportation costs on your own.

The spreadsheet is an easy 3 step tool that allows you to simply understand your parcel carrier cost, the impact of the annual rate increases, and the process is simple:

  1)    Select any number of individual shipments that best represent your most common parcel profiles.

  2)    Rate those shipments now via your shipping system, prior to the 2021 rate increase and transfer           the data to the spreadsheet tool.

  3)    Rerate those same shipments after the 2021 rate increase has taken effect and update the       

                         spreadsheet to understand the impact of the 2021 rate increase.

Last Mile Experts North America can also help you with deep-dive insights into managing carrier pricing programs that promote beneficial pricing solutions for you while retaining a strong carrier relationship.